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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 23, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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then, nashville and knoxville. i will see you on the road. we have had a good time meeting folks. most-watched, most trusted, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." maryland police have arrested two teenagers for the gruesometo slaying of a 14-year-old girl. it was an awful crime but the details are even worse. both the teenagers are members of ms-13. both are here illegally. both could have been kicked out of america long ago but weren't. a living picture of our failure to enforce our immigration lawsa trace gallagher has the details on exactly what happened tonight. trace? l >> and, tucker, the evidence shows this murder could have been prevented numerous times. prosecutors say 16-year-old josr fuentas ponce and joe escobar
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were so afraid that a 14-year-old girl would rat them out for a recent burglary, they made the girl take off her clothes and attacked her with a machete.te her mutilated body was found this month in a creek bed. but last year, prince george's county maryland had both fuentes-ponce and escobar in custody for attempted murder in a separate case.e. ice issued an immigration detainer but because of the county's sanctuary policy, it defied the requests. ice says, "these individuals had demonstrated violent criminal behavior before and because they were released in spite of the lawful detainer, they were afforded an opportunity to take a life." authorities from prince george's county transferred the teenagers to a youth detention center. the problem is the 2014 department of correctionon policies mandates that county jails notify ice regarding any transfers so that ice can track down the criminals.
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escobar came to the u.s. in 2016 as an unaccompanied minor. fuentes-ponce came with a surge of families in 2015. none of this was news to you, tucker you were in el salvador in 2017 and saw first hand how dangerous and ruthless ms-13 can be. last week, after being diagnosed with the flu, a 16-year-old migrant died in border patrol custody. the case got a lot of media attention. and those who want stricter immigration controls wonder if the brutal killing of the 14-year-old will get as much attention. so far the answer is no. tucker? >> tucker: of course not. trace gallagher for us tonight. thanks a lot, trace. as you just heard, the death could have easily been prevented it wasn't an act of god or some freak accident. it wasn't even a random crime, the kind that inevitably occurs in a country as large as ours is. her death was the product of a deliberate policy. our leadership class has decided to down play the threat of ms-13. why? because trump attacked ms-13.s-
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therefore, in the demented zero sum calculation of washington, ms-13 must be the enemy of donald trump must be my friend. that's how they think. it all started almost exactly year ago when the president said this. >> so when the ms-13 comes in, when the other gang members come into our country i refer to them as animals, and guess what? i always will. >> tucker: keep in mind ms-13's motto is kill, rape, control. they routinely torture and murder high school students. they bring drugs across the border and into our neighborhoods. they are the deadliest criminal gang in america.s. yet, once trump attacked them, the left decided that worrying about ms-13 was a greater threat to our values than the gang itself. m anyone who criticized ms-13 was denounced as racist if not a tool of putin. they said as much out loud, including on this show. the traditional democratic party, the one thatra represented blue collar america would have been baffled by this. b working class people of all
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colors are always the biggest victims of crime. if you want to protect them, don't side with criminals. that was something that democrats, including a young joe biden once understood intuitively, but no longer. today, criticizing ms-13 would mean asking questionss about the party's orthodoxy on immigration. o it would expose nancy pelosi's absurd lie that every single immigrant is impressive and must be allowed to stay in the country, no questions asked. nobody on the left wants to talk about any of this. so, instead, they just defended ms-13., >> he basically seems to assume that everybody is part of ms-13. very strange to hear the president of the unitedd states speak in such dehumanizing terms. >> is it appropriate for a president ever to call anyone an animal? even if they're sick gang
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members. >> yeah. i think that's something to look out for. the history of political leaders dehumanizing ponies and criminals and using animal metaphors is a dangerous one. that's not something that we should accept from an american president. >> i do think there is apr td serious problem with the president dehumanizing any group of people in the united states, even if they're hardened criminals. >> tucker: got that? saying rude things about ms-13 is a, quote: serious problem unlike say abortion up to the moment of birth which is liberation and not a problem at all. that's nancy pelosi's position. pelosi considers late term abortion as wholesome as a picnic. gang member face tattoo and give you a long lecture about god. >> we are all god's children. there is a spark of divinity in every person on earth. and so when the president of the united states says about undocumented immigrants, "these aren't people. these are animals," you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person? every day that you think you've seen it all, along
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comes another manifestation of why their policies are so inhumane. >> tucker: that's today's lecture on christianity from nancy pelosi. the media, of course, dutifully amplified pelosi'sfu message she is their boss. that's their job. produced entire video to explain that actually ms-13 members are just like your kid. >> when you think of the street gang ms-13, what do you see? w maybe something like this. or this. but what if i told you that typical ms-13 gang member in the u.s. actually looks like one of these young men on facebook?? >> the ms-13 members that i have been following are working after school jobs. they are living with their parents. they get around long island on bicycles. >> there is no indication that we are seeing a bigger surge of ms-13 than we have seen in the past. >> tucker: when the revolution finally ends, when this era, this moment, whatever we are in right now when it finally ends, that video you just saw from
9:07 pm will be worth watching, a period piece. hard to believe that's real but it is real that kind of propaganda where powerful people are lying right to 's your face again and again and again. it happens a lot. it will be pretty funny, actually, if the stakes were lower but they are not low. they are high. left defends ms-13 because they can't downsize the problem theyt gave us. who knows where it might end? instead they lecture us about dignity and while high school students get murdered for them that's a small price to pay.ho andrew arthur is a former immigration judge and resident fellow in law in policy immigration studies and he joins us tonight. andrew, thanks very much for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: as someone who has spent your life in maryland and has spent a career involved in immigration policy, were you surprised to see the fruit of thiser policy? >> absolutely not. the attorney general of
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maryland is a person who has filed 14 different lawsuits against president trump, not surprisingly, his immigration stance in line with the t lawsuits that he has filed. he has made it clear to local law enforcement that ice detainers are voluntary and that they risk potential liability if they comply with them. he does everything but tell them not. to say and then in my s hometown of baltimore, which you see behind me, maryland mosby, the states attorney has actually recommended to prosecutors that they consider unlawful statushe when charging people because they don't want to have people inadvertently deported simply because they're criminals. >> tucker: so when peoplee get murdered as a result, do the policymakers you just mentioned stop, think through what just happened and why, and reassess their position? do they feel guilt or shame? do they change? >> no. in fact, this is not a new phenomenon in maryland.
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northern virginia, either. i mean, we have had an ms-13 problem in these states for the last number of years. ever since we saw a huge influx of unaccompanied alien children if you would and that's anybody under the age of 18 come into the united states. the end of the bush administration, ms-13 is a force almost spent in the united states, which was good for the united states and good for el salvador because it deprived the gang of money that they used to carry out their heinous act down there. but, as we have seen this flood of unaccompanied alien children, we started to see gang become more prevalent. in fact, there was a horrible case. i was one of the few people to write about it in kensington, maryland, 12 miles from the white house in which an underaged sex-trafficked prostitute was beaten with a baseball bat more than 20 times simply because she did not provide -- she didn't do her job well enough for the gang. but none of this actually makes any difference to the
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people who are in charge of the law in the state of maryland. governor larry hogan, i think, would probably, you know, love to take action, but, unfortunately, law in the state of maryland is in the hands of a democrat attorney general.s >> tucker: what's odd in the specific case of ms-13 is virtually all of their victims are also el salvadoran immigrants or guatemalan immigrants. so it's not like -- there is no racial component here at all.e the people suffering are the people the left that claims to stand for and protect. it doesn't make any sense. >> no. and whenever you hear, tucker, people talk about sanctuary policies, the argument is always made that they're implemented in order to protect immigrant but, most of these crimes take place in immigrant communities. and when released from jailig as these two individuals were, escobar and fuentas ponte, they go back to the communities and commit more crime.
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they were arrested for attempted murder and gang-related activities. escobar got 10 months in juvenile facility for conspiracy to commit murder. and then he was released. we don't even know what happened to fuentas-ponce who is in the united states illegally. is he under a final order of removal. the family that he came to the united states with never showed up for court. so, neither of these gentlemen should have been in the united states to commit any crime. they shouldn't have been in the united states to begin with. but they certainly shouldn't have been in the united states to commit any crime. certainly not one as one as heinous as this. the mechete is the weapon of choice of ms-13. >> tucker: disgusting. i would like to follow up on this story as we learn more. i hope you will come back. andrew, thank yous very much for that. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: officially nancy pelosi is merely the speaker of the house and most powerful elected democrat. she is more than that she is and
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use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. gecall, visit or click to. >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. a lot going on tonight. harvey weinstein has reached a tentative settlement with women who accused him m of sexual misconduct. according to the newspaper the settlement $44 million. $0 million would go toto weinstein's alleged victims. $13 million would cover the legal fees for his associates who are sucked into the wave of lawsuits against him. the settlement will not effect his ongoing criminal case. is he charged with rape and
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other offenses in new york state. a trial is scheduled for september. obviously, we will follow this story as it continues to unfold. speaker of the house nancy pelosi has many concerns. she wants to preserve the dignity of ms-13 gang members. she wants to preserve access to the left's holiest sacrament abortion. when she isn't doing those things, mrs. pelosi wants you to know she spends a lot of time in quiet contemplation praying for the soul of the president. >> in any event, i pray for the president of the united states. and i pray for the united states of america: i actually ardently pray for the president. again, i pray for the president of the united states. i wish that his family and his administration or his staff would have anon intervention for the good of the country. >> tucker: author and columnist mark steyn is a praying man. he joins us tonight to assess what we have just learned from nancy pelosi i'm not quite sure what to
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make of that -- that was a press conference we should note for our viewers. what do you make of that?.wh >> i think, actually, in a sense, she does believe in divine intervention. they were let down by bob mueller, who was the nearest thing to jesus to walk on the face of this earth for the democrats until he actually issued his report. they have been let down by judges and now they are putting their faith in the big guy himself. and when she says she wants an intervention, basically she wants god to send moses back down with a brand new tablet on which the 25th amendment of the u.s.h constitution is inscribed and that moses will then persuade everybody else that it's time for trump to be deposed from office. and it's -- and it's a strange well because the ostentatious religious city of mrs. pelosi is at odds
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with the shear insanity of what her party is proposing. the party has actually changed a lot, tucker, in the last couple of election cycles. you know the way it used to be, people like john kerry would twist themselves like a pretzel to say how personally, passionately opposed to abortion they were but that they would never let their deeply held personal catholic faith interfere with their legislative agenda. there is no pretense of that now. she leads a party that's in favor of fourth trimester abortion. pregnant men. ms-13 on every corner. a sanctuary nation with lawyers for any 6 billion people around the planet who want to come here and claim the right to live here. and i think she is doing this in a sense to portray trump as the crazy one whereas it's their agenda that is
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the motions? it's an aggressively secular party and aggressivelyst anti-christian party obviously as you said it wasn't always. far from it. there were a lot of sincere christians. jimmy carter is a sincere christian among others. it's now anti-christian and let's not lie about it. why even bother to give us the god talk? >> i think the god talk is interesting. because, as i say, so much of this stuff, like the an abolition of the sexes and infanticide is so off the charts i think they actually want to create a kind of new religion for secularists. they need to actually cloak this in faith. >> tucker: interesting. i think you are exactly right. will you stay right there for a second, mark? we have breaking news. this is a fox news alert for you. the president has just released a memo about declassification. he says he wants to release information about spying on his campaign back in 2016.g
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fox news david spunt is following all of this for us from our washington bureau. what do we know at this hour? >> we just learned in the r last few minutes literally just rushed in the studio. this is the memo from the trump administration. i want to read a statement from press secretary sarah sanders, just briefly go over it. she says today at the and recommendation of the attorney general, president trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the attorney general's investigation into surveillance activities during the 2016 election.o the attorney general has also been delegated full and complete authority to declassify information pertaining to this investigation in accordance with long established standards for handling classified information. this action will ensure that all americans learn the truth about the events that occurred and the actions that were taken during the last presidential election and restore confidence in our public institutions. again, this is a two-page memo. i'm looking at it right now memorandum for the secretary of state. secretary of treasury, other cabinet officials coming
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from president donald trump. a statement coming from press secretary sarah huckabee sanders declassifying that information on the intelligence-related spying into that 2016 campaign breaking right now, tucker, but we will be sure to follow it. >> tucker: amazing story. i'm sure we will be hearing a very soon about how we don't have a right to see it. david spunt, great to see you tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: i want to go back to mark stein if he is still there. mark. >> yeah.o i'm here, tucker. >> tucker: we don't know what it is, we don't know what this information yet is, but this could be a genuinely significant development, i think. >> yes. and this should actually have been done. he talked about doing this and then her majesty's government in britain and australia told him not to because there is a lot of stuff that's actually embarrassing in terms of relations between the u.k.,
9:23 pm
australia and the u.s. but this is the ultimate game changer. this stuff -- most of it shouldn't be classified. there is far too much stuff is that is classified. the only way to kill this investigation without is to get it all out there and let the american people judge for themselves. don't let the u.k. andnd australia talk you out of it this time, mr. president. >> tucker: very quickly, how long will it be before the press starts telling us that we have no right to want to see this and we're betraying our country and we are on putin's team if we want to see this. >> they started 15 seconds ago and they will tell you that our friends around the world don't want this stuff out. it should be out. basically, we had a bureaucracy gone rogue. there is exculpatory. evidence about people, about american citizens who went to jail because the deep state went rogue on this.
9:24 pm
and the only way to get that out there is actually to release it. this should have been done, actually, months ago. and it should have been done the day after the mueller report was filed. >> tucker: exactly. mark stein, as always, thank you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: amazing story. there are also new developments tonight in a bunch of different things, including the jussie smollett case. we will bring that to you after the break and more. stay tuned.. ♪
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>> tucke >> tucker: well, we could soon know much of the truth about the jussie smollett case. the case for the fake hate crime was sealed last march a after prosecutors abruptly dropped all charges against the actor. now judge stephens watkins has ordered that file to be unsealed. that file could expose how state prosecutors wound up dropping the case despite substantial maybess overwhelming evidence that the hate crime was, in fact,
9:29 pm
a hate hoax. the associate at reason, he is one of the living experts on hate hoaxes. he is the author of the book "panic attack, young radicals in the age of trump." and he joins us tonight. robby, thanks for coming on. what do you think we are likely to learn should this file become unsealed? >> well, i think we are t likely to learn what kim foxx already said, which is that the case was very, very strong and if she had brought it to court, she would have won, right?rt she has already said that? so, the only explanation -- the only, you know, explanation for her action that would be okay would be the case actually had holes in it, and we could learn that in these unsealed records. she said that's not what he would are going to find. the case was very strong and she decided not to bring it to justice. not to at least get him to plead guilty in exchange for whatever, you know, mercy we oere going to show him which would have been perfectly fine.
9:30 pm
but we had to get him to plead guilty. she opted not to do it. why? sympathy to him, maybe not wanting to push back on this narrative about hate crimes that they are off the chart? something like that. >> tucker: that's really, i a mean, that's got to be in the end the motive is that nobody wants to admit that this epidemic of hate crimes we are supposedly living through is fake. >> yeah.c i mean, the democrats areem holding hearings on the subject. i actually testified at one last week before a house subcommittee on hate crimes. and i was, you know, the only -- even though thee other witnesses there very much conceded that the statistics do not show that we have this massive increase in hate crimes. they were still there to call for the government to do more about this.o and congress is taking this issue very seriously, thes idea that there is somee trump-connected rise in hate crimes across the country and, of course, the smollettos case was briefly exhibit a in that argument. it's pretty important to know the truth about thisef specific incident because it was held up as an example of a broader narrative that must be true.
9:31 pm
so we deserve to note truth. if that's what it stood for. >> tucker: i mean, if you judge a crime by a conviction, and a conviction -- that's when you know a crime occurred, when somebody is convicted of it, if that's how you measure hate crimes we have virtually no hate crimes in america. so you pointed out that the stats don't show what they claim they show, this epidemic is not measured. what was the response when you said that? >> right. actually, a lot of people concede that. even the people i'm sitting next to at this congressional hearing are saying well, yeah, you are kind of right. actually the statistics kind of fluctuate from year to queer and they don't really show us anything. but the government still needs to do something about this. right? because there is never a committee hearing where theeg. ut conclusion is the government doesn't actually need to do anything. the conclusion is always, you know, people will dien unless we have a whole new department or something to take care of this. obviously, hate crimes are bad when they do occur. it's just you have to be very careful about scaring
9:32 pm
people into thinking unless there is immediate action there is going to be things like what happened to jussie smollett happening on every street across america unless we act decisively now. >> tucker: unless you gain political power by scaring people which is of course the point. robby, thank you for joining us tonight. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: well, jussie smollett's bogus hate crime is one of many signs that chicago is failing as a city. its corrupt, of course, dangerous and broke. really broke. things are so bad, chicago is the only major city in america, one of the very few that is losing population. brad hall brook a state representative in the state of illinois. he has a proposal tonight. remove chicago from illinois make it a separate state. representative halbrook he joins us tonight to explain his idea. thanks very much for coming on. >> thanks for having me, tucker. i appreciate it. >> tucker: separate soso chicago would be one state
9:33 pm
and what they call downstate illinois would be a separate state? is that the idea? >> so basically the resolution calls for congress to separate or make chicago the 51st state. really the movement is to find what counties that are interested in forming a new illinois. hopefully 101 of those counties would become the new illinois. >> tucker: i mean, part of the reason, the impetus for this has got to be financial. nobody wants to be saddled with the unresolvable debt that chicago has. the really unre1068able debt problems that chicago has. i assume that's part of, this right? >> well, part of, yeah. you know, chicago is drowning in debt. they are drowning in unfunded pension liabilities. illinois is the same. there is $250 billion by some estimates of unfunded pension liabilities and it continues to grow every day. that's part of the financial aspect is a big factor. but we see kind of an b overreaching population out of the city that has a
9:34 pm
different idea about how to live their life and they continue to impose their u will on us. you know, when it comes to the life, unborn, the second amendment. minimum wage is a big issue. and there is just many other issues that they are having in the city that we're just not having in the rest of the state of illinois. >> tucker: fewer drive by shootings outside of the city of chicago i would imagine.e. how does chicago feel about this? >> well, there are folks in chicago. i get email and phone calls every day that say hey, we live in chicago. we live in cook county. we are with you.nt we do get some folks that call or email and say it's a bad idea. be careful what we wish for. but we are getting way more positive email comments, social media comments, way c more positive than the negative. >> tucker: i mean, chicago as a state, what would that look like? dysfunctional state out of 51?
9:35 pm
>> um, some might say that. >> tucker: some might say that. you know what? i like your reticence. your subtly. you are obviously not from chicago. representative, thank you very much. good to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: time now for final exam. can you beat the experts on remembering all the weird things that happened in the news over the past seven days? quite a match-up tonight. you're going to be impressed. stay tuned. u'
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>> tucker: fox news alert for you. just moments ago, the president declassification. he has given the attorney general william barr the power to declassify any document he believes relate to intelligence agencies
9:40 pm
spying during the 2016 election. presumably that could include documents related to spying on the trump campaign. it could also potentially involve the fisa warrants against carter page or what justifications were given to launch the russiae investigation. the show first broke the story and we plan to bring you updates as we get them. ♪ time now for final exam where the hosts, guests at fox compete to be crowned the king or queen of news. this week's defending champion is kennedy, the host of "kennedy" on fox business. her challenger this evening is fox news weather guru janice dean and author the newe book, "mostly sunny," which is a
9:41 pm
great book. >> kennedy: look at that well done. two of my favorite people on fox. i'm not going to guess who is going to win this week. i assume you are both ready are you ready? >> we are ready. >> let me repeat the rules you are both familiar with just in case. hands on buzzers. i ask the question. the first one to buzz in gets to answer the question. you must wait until i finish asking it before you answer. you can answer it once i acknowledge by saying your name. every correct answer is worth one point. each incorrect detracts ahasthe ct point from your total, best of five win. >> kennedy: okay. >> tucker: it's a lot.ti question one, this is multiple choice. grumpy cat, exactly what it sounds like, frowny face feline, had her own lifetime movie, died at the age of 7. at one point she was repudiated to be worth $100 million -- not clear how that works but that's what they said. what was grumpy cat's real name? was it a gizmo, b tartar sauce, and c cabbage patch? >> i have no idea. >> kennedy: i'm not risking it. >> janice: no one answer? >> kennedy: nope. not going to lose a point. >> tucker: you know.
9:42 pm
it's never happened before. but we are going to give -- was looking for the judge's instructions. we are going to give you one hint and the first one to buzz. in here's the hint it's like a condiment.t's >> oh, kennedy? >> tartar sauce. >> you are not going to go gizmo? okay. >> heaven got a little grumpier. tardar sauce, known globally as grumpy cat, passed away this week peacefully in the arms of her mommy. at one time it was estimated the famous feline was worth $100 million. t >> tucker: according to our judges, we can't let a question go unanswered. i'm not sure why. >> janice: this is a first. >> tucker: these are the rules.
9:43 pm
question two, according to that poll from quinnipiac joe biden is the most liked democrat in the presidential field. the most disliked candidate has an unfavorable rating of 45%. who is that? kennedy? >> kennedy: bill de blasio. >> tucker: you are just saying that because you live in new york.k. is it bill de blasio? >> he is the most disliked candidate running for president. 45% dislike bill de blasio. >> remember staten island chuck dropped. >> tucker: i get that joke. we played that video the other night. too question three is our daily double. it's a 2-point question and also multiple choice.
9:44 pm
here we go: in interview this week democrat candidate kamala harris said her ideal running mate in 2020 would be which historical figure a ghandi. b susan b. anthony or c cassius clay, aka muhammad ali? >> kennedy: i don't know. i could be throwing this all away but i would say cassius clay. >> tucker: is it muhammad ali? >> if you could have anyone living or dead as your perfect running mate who would it be? >> muhammad ali! [laughter] how do you like that? >> janice: i'm sorry, tucker, she wiped the floor. >> tucker: sting like a bee speaking up. >> janice: kennedy, it's not too late? >> tucker: not too late, janice dean, universally
9:45 pm
beloved janice dean. question four: your days of being stuck in an l.a. traffic jam with nothing to do are over. there is now a fast food chain that will send a motorcycle courier through the gridlock and bring a burger right to your car. which chain is it? janice dean? >> burger king. >> tucker: burger king? not in 'n' out but is it burger king? >> it's a real problem. it is a real thing. and, yes, burger king wants to solve this problem. >> janice: oh my gosh. >> once you place order you will get updates motorcycle courier your burger or whatever you want to order will be delivered to are you that hungry in traffic that you need to eat inside your car? >> on the 405, 4:00 on a friday, yes. >> janice: oh my gosh, i'm still standing. >> tucker: this last question. this is the way the game works. the judges make up rules as we go along. no rhyme, no reason.
9:46 pm
but we must obey. >> janice: can we have a cocktail?fe >> tucker: they are like the federal government that way. they are telling me this final question is a 3-pointer also multiple choice. okay? >> janice: no pressure. >> tucker: here we go. some people in the northeast are very excited because a 10-foot great white shark is heading their way. it was seen last year near greenwich, connecticut. it would be heading to martha's vineyard. the shark has been given a name. what is its name? a lydia, is it b, charles, is it c, cabot? >> janice: oh, no. >> tucker: kennedy?? >> kennedy: tucker, we are going to need a bigger boat. it's c, cabot. >> tucker: i wonder if our audience gets that reference? >> kennedy: i hope they do. >> tucker: is it -- very good, is it cabot? >> this great white shark named cabot has been detected in these waters here behind me on the long island sound. the great white was named nova scotia.
9:47 pm
after the explorer, john cabot. >> tucker: i can think great white cheddar but not great white shark. kennedy, 7 points. that's the highest point total in the history of final exam. >> janice: oh my gosh, that's amazing. >> tucker: janice dean this does not diminish in any way your goodness as a person. thank you very much. >> janice: you still love me. >> kennedy: this would have been a win-win if janice dean had won this whole thing i would have celebrated her greatness. >> tucker: everyone would but cabot? that was good. we have an eric wemple mug for you. it's on the way. maybe you will get a whole set of them.m. >> kennedy: in office mail. >> we will send it. >> janice: can i come back? i love you! >> tucker: of course can you come back. >> janice: let's do the kiss. thank you, both. >> tucker: well that's it for tonight's final exam.
9:48 pm
on to the weird news all week tune in to see if you can beat our experts. we'll be right back.y an beat ou. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: in april of last year in the united states launched a wave of missile strikes against the government in syria. it was the second time in two years, justification for both attacks was an alleged chemical weapons attack. at the time that happened to this program was the only show on mainstream television to show any skepticism about the narrative of the attack. before we go to war are we sure all of this is real? do we know he was behind the attack? it's not defensive but it's a question. how could we know that so soonhe after the attack happened? he didn't have any americans on the ground. why would he do that given the
9:53 pm
certainty of his interest? o we were attacked aggressively for saying that, now elite documents show there was good reason to be skeptical. the opcw is the world's top chemical weaponske watchdog, ina document investigators with that organization argued the evidence from duma does not indicate the attack, he argues the chemical weapons were manually placed on the ground. that suggests the attack may not have been a government operation stafter all. if he is right the united states went to the brink of war based on fraudulentnt information. not for the first time. tulsi gabbard, democratic member of congress from hawaii, the first female combat veteran ever to run for president and she joins us tonight. aloha,congresswoman. thank you for joining us you are someone who was taken a.
9:54 pm
amount of heat, enormous amount much of criticism, i can't overstate that for asking skeptical questions about our policy towards syria. how do you assess this document, what does it make you think? >> this is a significant and very important development we have to take seriously, as you mentioned i initially expressed some skepticism around that whole situation which is why i am getting more information, reaching out to the u.n., the opcw and getting answers. when i get those answers i look forward to coming back and sharing them with you and your viewers. >> tucker: we are hearing again, even this week that we may need to bomb syria yet again because there may be another chemical weapons test. that would be three years in a row, always in the spring and always within the context of some other question. i'm beginning to suspect that we
9:55 pm
are being played here. has that occurred to you? >> this is why doing our due diligence and checking very carefully the evidence is so important.di i want to bring up another issue that is extremely important to the american people right now and that is something that should concern all of us which is the fact that we are at the brink of a war with iran, i can tell you as a soldier, i have served over 16 years in the national guard. i was deployed twice to the middle east, i know the middle east as well as the cost of war. as a member of congress on the arms service committee for over six years, i know where this past leads us and i'm concerned because the american people don't seem to be prepared for how devastating and costly such a war would be. it would undermine our national security because right now we have troops who are deployed to
9:56 pm
iraq and right now they arety working with iraqi soldiers as well as the militia on the their mission is to defeat isis, to make sure that isis doesn't reconstitute itself and reemerge there in iraq. if we go to work with iran then all of that changes because the united states, our troops, my brothers and sisters in uniform are fighting against the militia which knows what the military will do, fight alongside our troops or maybe some will fight against us and some fight alongside the militia. what we are facing is essentially a war that has no frontline, total chaos. it is not contained within iran or iraq but would extent do syria and lebanon, israel, across the region setting us up in a situation where in iraq we lost over 4,000 of my brothers and sisters in uniform. a war with iran 4 would take far
9:57 pm
more american lives, it would cost more civilian lives across the region. it would worsen the refugee crisis with millions of peopleth fleeing to europe, further destabilizing there. to speake, of the fact that this would cost trillions of taxpayer dollars coming out of our pockets to go and pay for thiss endlessdo war that begs the question as a soldier, what are we fighting for? what does victory look like??qu >> tucker: what is the benefit to the united states? this is being pushed primarily by one man, the advisor john bolton, a president that has said he is not interested but john bolton clearly is. how do we benefit from this? is there an upside? >> we don't and that is the bottom line and what is so concerning. people say we don't want to go to war against iran, you look at
9:58 pm
people like john bolton and mike pompeo and others in the administration who have talked about waging regime war for a long time, they have stated their intent to convey their objective very clear. your question is the most essential, how does a war with iran serve the best interest of the american people of the united states and the fact is it does not. it better serves the people like saudi arabia who are trying to push us into this war with iran. a war that would undermine our national security and the ways that i talked about. it would strengthen terrorist groups, it would carry a heavy usan cost and it would cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. forget about investing and rebuilding our infrastructure. forget about the resources we need for health care, education, portable housing. we wouldn't have those resources because this would go towards another extremely devastating costly war.
9:59 pm
with iran. >> tucker: i think if you were to pull on that question you would find that what you just said has overwhelming support with voters in both parties, not just yours. i predict with certainty that you will be attacked for saying what you just did and that tells you everything. running for president from the state of hawaii, great to see you tonight. thank you. aloha. we brought you twice the alert that the president has announced that the department of justice will be declassified documents pertaining spying on the trump campaign and 2016. i spoke during the break with someone who is familiar with this process and i will say this, that thisr a bigger story even then we realized when we first broke it. we will be on that tomorrow. i hope you will tune in then.
10:00 pm
in the meantime, dan bongino sitting in for sean hannity. we are back tomorrow. dan bongino takes it away right now. >> dan: that is the most dramatic piece of footage, that huge explosion. i always feel like i will disappoint, i better bring it. >> tucker: you never do! >> don: fantastic show. in tonight for sean and we start with a fox news alert. president trump just issued an executive order giving the attorney general of the united states bill barr the authority to declassify material related to his investigation into the origins of the russian probe. major declassifications should be coming forth and the deep state should be very worried tonight. this is major news.


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